To ensure a reliable and efficient supply of electricity, we coordinate our operations with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which allows us to access market opportunities and services provided by ERCOT.
Benefits of working within the ERCOT system:
  • We participate in the ERCOT market for electricity. We offer our own generation capacity into the market and compete with other market participants to sell electricity. This enables us to procure electricity at competitive prices and ensure a reliable supply for our Members.
  • In situations where our own generation capacity may be insufficient to meet the demand of our members, we can purchase electricity from other generators or wholesale suppliers within the ERCOT market. Conversely, if we have excess generation, we have the opportunity to sell surplus electricity to other market participants.
  • To maintain the stability and reliability of the electric grid, we closely coordinate our operations with ERCOT’s system operations. This involves monitoring grid conditions, managing our transmission assets, and ensuring proper synchronization of generation and demand.
  • Compliance is also an important aspect of our association with ERCOT. We adhere to ERCOT’s protocols, regulations, and reliability standards, following their rules and guidelines to maintain the integrity of the electric grid and ensure the safety of the system.

Through our association with ERCOT, we benefit from market opportunities, collaboration with other market participants, and access to the resources and services provided by ERCOT. This allows us to effectively deliver reliable electricity to our members while operating within the framework of the ERCOT grid.